Happy Heads Hair Scarfs and Wraps


Each beautiful All-in-One Happy Head Wrap consists of two complementing fabrics that can be reversed and used for two totally different looks. Made from high quality rayon, they are soft to the touch and will keep your head comfortably cool. Happy Head Wraps are a stylish addition to any wardrobe, from casual to sophisticated. They fit securely and are an easy alternative to wigs, hats and traditional scarves.

The Designer Wrap can be worn with an open scarf like look or tucked in back to cover your head completely. It fits securely and close to your head. Customers who are going through Chemotherapy or have Alopecia Areata particularly like this style as it fits securely on heads without hair. The Quick Wrap has a softly gathered closed back which allows you to have your head and or hair completely contained in the head wrap.  This wrap is especially popular with our Orthodox Jewish customers. Both styles offer a multitude of styling options to allow you to create and express your individual mood and style. 

Gift Wrap and Gift Enclosures are Available

All headwraps come as a gift to you or someone you care about.


"I just got my Happy Heads headwrap and I am absolutely in love with it!!!! I am undergoing chemo and still cannot get comfortable wearing a wig. Happy Heads headwraps are the answer. One of the side effects that I have to deal with is not being able to regulate my body temperature. One minute my head is cold, the next it is hot. Nothing worked. I put on the black jersey headwrap and immediately my head was warm and snug! It is so comfortable that it is easy to forget that I have something on my head. The styling directions were so helpful and I cannot wait to play with my headwrap and try out the various styles. I am actually feeling like I can be stylish again and not let the chemo dictate how I look. Thank you so much for such a great product, the care and concern that Ellen and Laura expressed during our conversations and to making the process of undergoing chemo more bearable." - Kimberly

"I cover my hair for religious reasons as a practicing Orthodox Jewish Woman. I love Happy Heads, especially the Quickwrap which I can have on instantly and is so secure. It looks beautiful and is reversible. Two Headwraps in one. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Thanks! I have all your colors, sent as gifts for friends especially for new brides." - Raquel Koenigsberg


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